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(Top Left) Tera Melos - Drugs to the Dear Youth (2007)

This was a very exciting album, although regrettably short. It’s very spastic and hectic, which I love. I heard somewhere that Tera Melos has a thing for stacking their guitar riffs with loads and loads of effects. I have to say that it was pretty tasteful how rarely the guitar was playing clean. In fact, a lot of the drums were more obviously digital. My favorite song from the album was one of the few I heard before listening through. I have to recommend 40 Rods to the Hog’s Head as the best song of the six.

(Top right) You Slut! - Critical Meat (2008)

Of the four albums I listened through today, this one is my favorite. It’s filled with groovy parts as well as hectic, asymmetric parts. All in all, the sound of the album is very aggressive. Unfortunately, the album also feels like one long song since the tracks can be hard to distinguish from one another. I really loved two tracks from this one: “On the Count of 13” and “Roofio Shoots, Roofio Scores.” I will very likely look for more You Slut! music soon.

(Bottom Left) Dance Gavin Dance - Happiness (2009)

This album’s sound is fun because of the genres included. There are hardcore elements, funk, and math rock. It leans toward R&B and pop at times. It definitely goes all over the place. I listened to this album at the recommendation of a friend who plays drums, so I definitely expected some intense drumming. The one track I’m stuck on from this album is “Strawberry Swisher Pt. 1.” There’s just so much groove in that song.

(Bottom Right) Cicada - Pieces (2011)

This album caught me off guard because I forgot to expect post-rock from this band. The interesting part was the band’s use of different (Western) classical instruments instead of the heavy use of digital effects to paint musical pictures. There are violins, pianos, acoustic guitars, and many other stringed instruments on the low end. The music was very relaxing and uplifting. I definitely enjoyed hearing “Pieces” again, which I reblogged earlier from postrockland.